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Teaser Tuesday: My Wonderful, Wabbly Life

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Goddess Fish Promotions and the Author giving this lovely Teaser for My Wonderful, Wobbly Life.

This is the story of the different obstacles a disabled man was confronted with as he made his way in life. How he accepted and overcame them.

Beginning his life with not being able to walk more than a few steps before falling over, becoming a boy scout and gradually being able to walk several miles with a pack on his back.

Being directed to attend a special school for handicapped children, with a low academic level. Furthering his education at evening classes to become a Chartered Engineer, academically equivalent to a B.Sc.

Starting his working life as cheap labour as an office boy and factory hand, to earning a professional’s salary.

Charles’ passion for helping people is shown by his activities as a Scout, a Rotarian and Freemason.

As a child he was taken to a Spiritualist church, for ‘faith healing’, he became interested in spiritualism and healing. His curiosity was aroused, and he explored many alternative healing practices. Then as well as using spiritual ‘laying on of hands’ energy to heal with, he studied to become a hypnotherapist.

Lessons he learned from the events recalled in each chapter are shared with the reader.

A Jack of many trades and master of several. ‘Manufacturer of glass fibre products’ : ‘Laboratory technician – developing machine tool improvements – use of Dung beetles to control bush flies’ : ‘Tool-maker’ : ‘Spray-painter’ : ‘Patent examiner’ : ‘Art gallery curator’ : ‘Personal counsellor’ : ‘Tarot reader’ : ‘Masseur’.

This story gives insight into many activities that an able-bodied man would have liked to experience. An inspirational tome.

Genre: Memoir (Autobiography)

Author Information: Website

Length: 267 Pages

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Contemplating my entry into this incarnation, from where I am now, I am able to formulate various scenarios regarding it.
• At the moment of my conception, my soul knew of the difficulties my mother would experience while giving birth to her child and therefore chose to be born to my parents in a damaged physical body.
• The forceps slipping during my delivery was an unforeseen accident,as was the subsequent struggle for life of the child. During this struggle, my present soul took over from the soul which had originally chosen my parents to fulfill its karmic requirements.
• However it was organized at birth, the result is I AM HERE NOW. My soul has experienced much during the seventy-one years it has inhabited this damaged body on its way to fulfilling the contract it made with spirit prior to incarnation.

My gut feeling is I am a ‘walk in.’ When the soul, which had chosen my parents as its vehicle to incarnate through, found the physical body had been damaged due to an accident it returned to the Soul Pool. When the soul left the damaged body and the baby was dying, my soul, which was waiting in the Soul Pool for an appropriate vehicle to incarnate into, ‘walked in.’ This is one explanation for the lack of feeding and lethargy during the first few days of my life.”

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