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3 Tips For Choosing Your Next Romantic Read

I would love to thank Chelsea Parker from Pillow Talk Books as a guest writer for this most wonderful post! Please enjoy her tips on choosing your next romantic read!

It can be frustrating searching for good romance books amongst stacks of seemingly endless books. Bookstores, libraries and online websites may seem to overflow with endless stories of love. The good news is that you have these three tips to guide you on your way through the shelves.

Is it Authentic? 

Don’t let yourself get caught up in reading a book that lacks excitement, adventure or authenticity. Have an experience you won’t regret with a book that fits you. Taking a little extra effort to figure out what you want will be more rewarding when you plop down on a comfortable chair to read. Great romantic reads usually have a special quality that’s almost tangible. You can try scanning the first few pages and ask yourself some questions. Does the first page immediately grab your interest? Do you feel like you can read it through to the end without wanting to put it down too often? Is the author’s voice original and unique? Did the book receive raving reviews from top critics? If you feel like you’ve entered an atmospheric world you never want to leave, this is probably the book for you.

Favorite Romance Genre 

Half of the work could be done if you know what your favorite romance genre is. You might want to read a book by a different author in the same genre. A person who favors the classics and reads female authors such as Emily Bronte may switch to William Shakespeare. Trying out a whole new genre, like reverse harem romance, could satisfy a desire to read good romance books. Different genres can send you to the past or inspire you. If you don’t have a favorite, this may a great opportunity to find one. Some romance genres to consider are paranormal, suspense, and inspirational.

Just Pick Something

Sometimes the best books pick themselves out. If you get an extra special feeling about a particular novel, go for it. Procrastination is overrated. Let your feelings guide you by heading to the bookshelf or researching romantic reads online. This may be reverse harem romance, a lovely short story or contemporary romance. Sampling a new book can be a chance to visit a new world you might want to go back to again and again. You can always stop reading the book if it isn’t suited to your taste.
Once you find the book you want, let your imagination take you away from the real world for a while. Everyone deserves to have a healthy outlet that helps them escape traffic jams, peer pressure and other stressors. Most of all, have a ball immersing yourself in your next romantic read!

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Chelsea Parker is a blogger and editor at Pillow Talk Books, a website dedicated to helping romance readers find just the right books.

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