The day in the life guest post by R. Scott Wallis

Thank you so much R. Scott Wallis for the guest post and appreciate you taking the time to write about A Day in the Life!

A Day in the Life of R. Scott Wallis

I’m living the writer’s dream, I think, and I count my blessings every day. After a quarter century of working for the man, I was fortunate enough to retire at 47 years old, and now my full-time job is writing my stories and producing my silly little podcast. Don’t hate me, because I’ve yet to actually sell anything.

But, despite not being able to secure a coveted deal with a Big Five publishing house, my independently-published books are doing marginally well on Amazon, and I’m thrilled that people are reading my books and liking the worlds I’ve created. When I first released the first book in my new Skyler Moore Thriller series this past January—THE MAINE NEMESIS—I hadn’t even dreamed that a Las Vegas-area book club would not only read my book this summer, but also invite me to come talk about the book over dinner. It’s just the icing on my big fat cake and it tickles me to no end.

I’m a morning person, so I get up with the sun—my two rescue dogs kinda make me—and sit at my desk from about 6:00am until 10-ish, every single day that I’m not traveling. Four hours of writing is about the most I can do in one day. I don’t go back and read what I wrote the day before; I just keep going, as fast as I can, on the first draft, then I go back and do re-writes when I’m done. It takes me about two months to complete a book, then I send it off to my trusty editor friend in New York. While he’s doing his part, I start on my next project. I save the afternoons for emails, marketing—that’s the independent writer’s second full-time job—and errands. I never touch my computer or iPhone in the evenings, save to jot down a note here and there, so I don’t forget an idea. After dinner, I watch crappy reality television shows and read books. I have about 40 books in my to-read pile; I buy more than I can get through!

I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada about a year and a half ago, and after some 25 years living and working in bustling Washington, D.C., I couldn’t be happier with my new desert home. The American south-west is definitely where I belong. I love the heat, lack of humidity, and access to world-class restaurants and entertainment on The Strip. Yes, the slot machines call my name a lot, and they’re exciting, but I try to limit my gambling so that I can continue to afford to write my books and do what I love—making things up.

On the weekends, I produce THE SWISH EDITION pop culture podcast. It’s been ranked as high as the top 2% of all iTunes comedy podcasts and my co-host Dale and I have a ball making it and sharing it with people in over 144 countries! Now, if I could just get to the top 2% of Amazon with my books, I’d be living the dream. ☺

THE MAINE NEMESIS and the sequel, THE NEW MEXICO SCOUNDREL, are out now, exclusively on Amazon as ebooks and trade paperbacks. THE NEVADA SABOTEUR comes out September 27. A different thriller, SCOUT’S HONOR: LIFELINE, comes out August 23. (Whew. I’m tired.)